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Complete sets for sliding gates
Complete sets for single leaf swing gates
Complete sets for double leaf swing gates
Complete sets for garage doors
Complete sets for industrial doors
Complete sets for roller doors
Motors for sliding gates
Motors for swing gates
Underground motors for swing gates
Motors for garage doors
Motors for industrial doors
Motors for roller doors
Motors for roller shutters and awnings
Road barriers
Complete solutions for road barriers
Road barriers
Parking bollards
Accessories for road barriers
Remote transmitters
Remote transmitters for roller shutters
Remote transmitters for alarms
Remote transmitters replacements
Radio receivers
Complete radio solutions
Steering devices
Wireless wall transmitters
Wired wall transmitters
Numeric keypads
Industrial steering devices
Key switches
Control boards
Columns for photocells
Safety edges
Flashing lamps
Electric locks
Inserts and padlocks
Door closers
Accessories for gates
Toothed racks
Emergency power supply
Solar supply solutions
Power suppliers
Intercoms and video intercoms
Complete intercom solutions
Complete video intercom solutions
Entrance panels
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Accessories for intercoms and video intercoms
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Terms of Use

The SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store, available on is is run and managed by the company HAIAP Sp. z o.o.

The company's premises, contact address:

HAIAP Sp. z o.o.
Nosówko 27A
78-200 Białogard
VAT-Number: PL6722084759

Terms and Conditions of the SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store

  1. The SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store is the wholesale and retail store dealing with sales via the Internet.
  2. All products at the SYSTEMS 4 YOU offer are brand new, free from defects in material, workmanship and title.
  3. All prices on the SYSTEMS 4 YOU website are gross prices (VAT included). An invoice is issued for every item sold via the SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store.
  4. Purchase without VAT is possible if:
    • a Customer runs business at the territory of the European Union and has valid VAT EU No. (intra‐community transaction).
    • a Customer orders delivery outside EU (export). In this case, the Purchaser covers the costs of custom clearance and custom duties. There are some exemptions from the custom clearance costs, and the Purchaser covers only custom duties. If you need more information about shipment outside EU, do not hesitate to contact us.
  5. Orders are delivered via courier companies, post services, or our own transport. The Customer covers shipment costs given on the cart page while placing an order.
  6. Available forms of payments:
    • Wire transfer
    • Online Payments - by means of payment cards, PayPal, Sofortüberweisung. For security purposes transactions may be verified and examined by the service provider.
  7. Next to every item in our rage of products, there is an information about the expected lead time i.e. the usual number of working days between the order confirmation by a Customer to the preparation of ordered items and shipment. The order for products of various expected lead times is sent after the complete order was prepared i.e. after the longest expected lead time for ordered products. If the order is divided into parts, the parts may be shipped on different days prior to e‐mail information sent to a Customer. If a lead time is longer than expected, we contact a Customer to inform about delay and confirm the order. Please remember that: Date of delivery = Prder preparation + Shipment
  8. For transfers, the Customer should add the time required for clearance. And for card payment, the time needed for authorisation by the external payment system.
  9. The time of delivery for post services is 3‐5 working days, for courier companies up to 5 working days. SYSTEMS 4 YOU holds not liability for delays caused by failures of post services or courier companies to perform the provisions of delivery agreements. Find more about delivery time in given countries.
  10. All offered products are covered by the Vendor's warranty. The warranty periods for given product are specified in the description on the online store website.
  11. In case of nonconformity of goods with the agreement in consumer sale, the store holds liability for 2 years since the day of the purchase. The Customer loses the rights determined in the Act, if they fail to inform the Vendor of this fact within two months since the confirmation of nonconformity of goods with the agreement.
  12. In case of nonconformity of goods with the agreement, the product(s) with the letter describing the type of nonconformity and the expectations towards the Store on further completion of its obligations, should be sent at SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store expense prior to the RMA number assignment. The RMA number is assigned by filling in the Warranty Claim in the Complains tab. The information on type of transport and the shipment address have to be given in the form.
  13. By stating the Customer’s expectations towards the Store on further completion of its obligations connected with the purchase, the Customer has a right to demand the conformity of goods with the agreement by repair and replacement free‐of‐charge unless repair and replacement are impossible or their costs are excessive. If the Store is not able to meet the Customer’s expectations, the Customer has a right to demand price reduction or can withdrawn from the agreement.
  14. The Store has 2 days from the day of the application of nonconformity of goods with the agreement to respond to the Customer’s demands. The day of the application of nonconformity of goods with the agreement is deemed as the day of delivery of the faulty product(s) to SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store. If the situation requires additional technical evaluations, the term may be prolonged to 14 days. If the Store has not responded to the Customer’s demands within 14 days, it means that it founds the Customer’s demands reasonable and justified.
  15. According to the regulations on the protection of some consumers’ rights and the responsibility for damages caused by hazardous products, the Customer has a right to return a product for convenience and withdraw from the purchase agreement within 10 days from the date of delivery in line with provisions on remote agreements. The aforementioned situation covers only consumer sale, i.e. it applies only for sale to individuals for the non‐commercial or business‐related purposes. The returned product shall be accepted only if it has been sent back complete, the product itself and accessories are not damaged, they are in a condition which does not show signs of use apart from possible testing.
  16. To withdraw from the agreement the purchased product shall be sent back at the Customer’s costs prior to the RMA number assignment. The RMA number is assigned by filling in the Warranty Claim in Complains section. The information on type of transport and the shipment address have to be given in the form. The written statement about the withdrawal from the agreement and the bank account for refund (or e‐mail address used for PayPal) should be enclosed. The Store shall check, if the product meets the requirements specified above within 2 working days. If positive, the Store shall issue correcting invoice and send back money for the given bank or PayPal account within 7 working days.
  17. Before parcel collection from a post office or a courier company, check carefully whether the package has not been damaged in transport, duck tape or seals in particular. If the package is damaged or tape/seals are damaged, the parcel should not be collected, the shipping damage report should be prepared in the presence of a courier, and the Customer should contact the Vendor as soon as possible. If no irregularities in the quantity or quality of the parcel are not reported during its collection, it can affect in a negative manner the result of the Customer’s possible claims on parcel damage or theft during transport.
  18. The information on the SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store websites shall not constitute an offer under the Civil Code. A Customer by placing an order by means of mechanisms available on the Store webpage places a purchase offer for the given products on the conditions specified in the product description. The purchase‐sale agreement is concluded after a Customer has paid for the order.
  19. The SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store reserves the right to refuse to complete an order, if the history of co‐operation with a given Customer undermines the reliability and trustworthiness of the product.
  20. The Terms and Conditions determine the principles of purchase in the SYSTEMS 4 YOU Online Store. By placing an order a Customer accepts all provisions and information included in the present document.